RIDE THE BUS ride the bus drinking game rules, ride the bus drinking game, ride the bus OBJECTIVE OF RIDE THE BUS: Get drunk and have the least amount of cards in hand.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4-8 players

MATERIALS: Beer, Standard 52 card deck

RANK OF CARDS: A (high), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

TYPE OF GAME: (Skill) Drinking Card Game


INTRODUCTION TO RIDE THE BUS Ride the Bus is a competitive drinking game that demands the player’s logical skills and a dose of luck to not get plastered. If you cannot guess correctly, you drink! The game utilizes a standard deck of playing cards (52 cards) and the goal of the game is to have the fewest number of cards in hand at the end of the round.

Prior to starting the game, players must pick one person to be the dealer and arrange themselves in around a table with some beer in hand. The dealer may be chosen randomly. Or, to start the game in the spirit of drinking, a chugging contest is in order. All active players chug a beer in unison, the player to finish last (or first) is the dealer.

Don’t like beer? Here’s a list of some other great drinks for this game.

ROUND #1 The dealer starts the game by asking all the active players a question- “Red or Black?” The dealer then reveals the top card of the pack to the 1st player, if they are correct in their guess, they pick one player to drink. However, if they are wrong, they drink alone. This continues around the table until each player has seen their 1st card.

ROUND #2 The question of round two is, “HIgher or lower?” Reminder, ace is the highest-ranking card in this game, twos are the lowest. Players must guess if their next card is either higher or lower in value than their first card. This, albeit a guess, can be strategic. For example, if your first card was a Queen, it is more likely than not the next card will be lower in value. If they are correct, they pick one player to drink. If they are wrong, they drink alone. This continues, again, until all players have seen their second card. In the event, the second card is of equal rank as their first, the player drinks as it is an automatic penalty.

ROUND #3 The question in the third round the dealer poses is: “In between or outside?” Players guess if their third card will be in between the values of their first two cards or outside. Again, while this is somewhat based upon luck, through logic and statistics players can deduce whether or not (to a certain extent) their third card will be within or outside the values of their first two cards. For example, if a player’s first two cards were a 10 and an 8, they can assume the third card will be outside the value of those two cards. But, if their cards were an Ace and a four, it is more likely the third card will be in between those two cards. 메이저놀이터

As usual, if a player guesses correctly, they choose 1 person to drink. But, if they guess wrong, they drink. If the card is identical to their first two cards, they drink, again. And, maybe again, because that is some strange luck and it must be celebrated.

THE FINALE OF RIDE THE BUS In the last round, the players must guess the suit of the final card they are dealt (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds). If they guess correctly, they have 5 people drink. If they are wrong, they only consume 1 drink. Players may split their 5 drink OR force them all on one player.

Then, players take all their cards (four cards) in hand while the dealer forms a pyramid (face-down). The pyramid has a 5 card base (then 4, 3, 2, 1… you know the drill). Each row is assigned a value with alcohol, with the top row being worth more drinks than the bottoms ones (the rows ascend in number/potency of drinks). So that, they top row, for example, is 2 shots while the bottom rows are a drink, a couple drinks, and so on. This can be determined by all the players before starting the pyramid.

Beginning with the bottom row, cards are flipped over one at a time. Players who have a card in hand of equal rank place their card on the pyramid and gives a player the assigned number of drinks for that row. More than one card can be laid at a time.

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