How To Play Pyramid Solitaire OBJECTIVE OF PYRAMID SOLITAIRE: To discard all 52 cards and demolish the pyramid in turn. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 MATERIALS: A standard deck of 52 cards and a large flat surface TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire OVERVIEW OF PYRAMID SOLITAIRE Pyramid Solitaire is a game played by one person where the goal is to discard all 52 cards into a discard pile and demolish the pyramid in doing so. The game technically is won once the pyramid is gone so not all of the 52 cards will necessarily need to make it to the discard pile for you to win.

To discard cards, it must be done in pairs and each pair must equal 13. We will discuss card values later, but to get the main point of the game, you must discard cards totaling 13 in value and do this to uncover more cards in the pyramid to discard. 먹튀검증

CARD VALUES The cards all hold different values most of them are easy to remember because they coincide with the numerical value on their card. Like all 2s hold a value of two, all 3s hold a value of three, and so on and so forth. There are a few discrepancies though and I will explain these to you now. Aces have a value of one, jacks have a value of eleven, queens have a value of twelve and kings have a value of thirteen.

The king having a value of Thirteen means it’s the only card that doesn’t need a pair to be discarded.

Card Values THE SETUP To setup pyramid solitaire you will thoroughly shuffle your 52-card deck and start the pyramid by placing the first card face up, now to start the second row you place two more face-up cards slightly overlapping the top card. This pattern is repeated until you reach your bottom row which will have 7 cards in it.

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