NEVER HAVE I EVER never have i ever game rules OBJECTIVE OF NEVER HAVE I EVER: Be the last player playing. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4+ players MATERIALS: Your hands, alcohol, good friends, and some horrible life decisions. TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Social Game AUDIENCE: 21+ INTRODUCTION TO NEVER HAVE I EVER Never Have I Ever is a fun and intrusive drinking game which also goes by the name Ten Fingers. The game is verbal and, for that reason, reminiscent of childhood games, with a wet adult twist, booze.

As with any drinking game Never Have I ever should be played responsibly.

While board games have dominated the party game sector for the last couple of years, Never Have I ever is a classic game that is perfect for any type of get-together and has no setup and very few rules to explain. This makes it much more versatile than your standard board games and a great addition to the rotation of play for groups that meet up frequently.

Players grab a beverage and sit in a circle with a group of friends or strangers and get to know each other a little better. This game typically incites fun stories, and players often target other players into admitting to something crazy or embarrassing that they have done.

The game is best with people who make horrible life decisions, just so you have some wild things to call your friends out on. Never Have I Ever has easier Game rules, so no matter how drunk you get, you can keep the game play going. It’s one of the easiest drinking games.

GAME PLAY 안전놀이터 Players hold up their hands. Starting with the youngest player (or any other random determiner, like who has the coolest shoes), the first person will declare “Never Have I Ever…,” admitting to something they have not done.

Players who have done this thing put down a single finger and take a drink. If no one puts their finger down, the player who called the prompt must drink (this is an optional rule but, a fun one!).

Never have i ever rules After the person starting passes their turn, play passes to the left, the next person then declares something they have not done.

Players who have put down all their fingers must take several drinks at once, the amount of which is pre-determined before starting Never Have I ever. They are then eliminated from the game.

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