How To Play Idiot OBJECTIVE OF IDIOT: To not be the last person to get all the cards out of their hand. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2+ MATERIALS: a deck of cards for every 2-3 players, a funny hat TYPE OF GAME: card game AUDIENCE: 10 years and older OVERVIEW OF IDIOT In the game Idiot, there is no winner only one loser. The goal of the game is to not be the last person to play out all the cards from their hand. You play cards by either matching the current number in the discard pile or playing a higher-ranking card. The last person to empty their hand is declared the loser and they have to wear the funny hat until a new loser is coined or for the rest of the night.

SETUP To set up you will need to shuffle the decks being used altogether. Remember you will need a standard 52 card deck for every 2-3 players. The cards will then be dealt three at a time 3 times to all players.

To start the deal, deal each player three cards face-down in front of them, creating three separate piles. Then deal an additional three cards, one on each pile, face-up to each player. Finally, deal each player 3 more cards to the side face-down. 안전토토사이트

These last three cards will be picked up and will be their hand. Each player can trade cards from their hands with the faceup piles in front of them. The strategy here is to put high cards and 2s and 10s on the face-up piles, also important to know is in this game Ace is always high and suites do not matter, only numbers determine rank.

Once all players have traded the cards they would like, the remaining cards are placed in the center as a draw pile. The game may now start.

GAMEPLAY To start the game the person to the dealer’s left may play a 3 if they have one. If they don’t have one or wish not to play it then play proceeds to the next player who may decide to play a 3 card. If it goes all the way around and a 3 has not been played then it continues to 4s, and so on and so forth until the first card is played.

After the first card is played the player will draw back up to three cards in hand, players will always draw up to three until the draw pile is emptied then that step is skipped.

To continue playing the next player will need to play a card of the same or higher rank as the top card of the discard pile. This is how players will play cards out of their hands. If a player is not able to play a card matching the criteria or just wishes not to, then they must pick up all the cards in the discard pile and add them to their hand.

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