How To Play Fourteen Out OBJECTIVE OF FOURTEEN OUT: The objective of Fourteen Out is to remove pairs of cards that have a sum of Fourteen. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Single Player MATERIALS: One standard deck of cards, and a flat surface. TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire Game AUDIENCE: All Ages 스포츠토토사이트 OVERVIEW OF FOURTEEN OUT Fourteen Out is a removal solitaire game. This means to win and play Fourteen Out you will need to remove pairs or sets of cards that have a sum of Fourteen. These are then removed from the game and the game is won if you have removed all the cards.

Fourteen Out relies somewhat on luck. There are impossible games to finish or sometimes even unplayable starting hands, but that’s what makes the game fun.

SETUP The setup for Fourteen Out requires a large space. Like most solitaire games the whole deck of cards will be used, and the layout of the cards is very important to the gameplay.

The deck is shuffled and then you may start laying out the tableau. There will be twelve piles in total. The setup starts with twelve face-up piles on the table, with 5 cards in the first four piles and the last eight piles having 4 face-up cards each. These are the cards you can play from and should use the entire deck of cards. There will also be a foundation pile where all sets of cards will be placed when removed from the game.

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