How To Play Bohnanza OBJECTIVE OF BOHNANZA: The goal is to be the player with the most coins at the end of the game. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-7 players MATERIALS: 154 bean cards of varying sets, Seven 3rd bean field cards, 1 rule book TYPE OF GAME: Competitive/Cooperative Trading Resource Game AUDIENCE: For all people ages 13 and up OVERVIEW OF BOHNANZA In Bohnanza players will plant, harvest and sell beans trying to profit as much as possible as they do so. The goal of the game is to have the most gold at the end and be the best bean farmer at the table. This game is all about supply and demand and trading for the most profit.

The Cards SETUP The 3rd bean field cards are left in the box and all remaining valid cards are shuffled. (some bean types are omitted based on player number). Five cards are dealt randomly to each player face-down and the remaining bean cards are placed gold coin side up in the center of the table for the draw deck.

Each player may now pick up their hand but do not change the order of the cards! The way your hand is organized will remain the same for the whole game. Players will decide now which side they will plant cards from and which side they will add cards to. The player left of the dealer starts the game.

GAMEPLAY There are four phases to a player’s turn they are planting beans, draw, trading and donating beans, plant donated and traded beans, and draw new bean cards. Each phase must be completed before continuing to the next. 안전놀이터추천

Planting Beans The player must plant the first bean card in their hands into one of their fields. If it matches any of the beans, they currently have planted they may add it to that field, or if the player has an empty bean field it may be added there as well. If the player does not have an empty bean field or the bean does not match any of their current beans they must uproot and sell their beans even if they will receive no gold. A bean field with only one bean may not be uprooted unless all fields only have one bean.

After the first bean is planted a player may choose to plant their second bean in hand or not. If the player chooses to, they will follow the same requirements as the first bean. Two is the max number of beans allowed to be planted in this phase. If a player has no beans in hand skip this phase.

Draw, Trade and Donate Beans

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