AVINAS AVINAS OBJECTIVE OF AVINAS: The objective of Avinas is to win points in order to avoid penalties.


MATERIALS: A modified 52-card decks, a way to keep score, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Trick-Taking Card Game

AUDIENCE: Adult OVERVIEW OF AVINAS Avinas is a trick-taking card game meant for 4 players in two fixed partnerships. Players will win tricks and score points based on the cards won. Dependent on points acquired teams may be penalized for not completing goals. No points are awarded for completing goals.

The players are trying to keep from being penalized to win the game because the game is won not by gaining points but by being penalized less.

The game is played over a series of rounds until a team reaches a certain number of penalties.

SETUP To set up for Avinas a 52-card deck will need to be modified into a 32-card deck. The cards 6s and below will be removed leaving Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s, 9s, 8s, and 7s.

Partners should sit opposite each other and the first dealer should be chosen randomly. The dealer will become the next player to the left of the previous for each round after.

The dealer will then shuffle the deck and deal each player 8 cards in groups of 4 cards. The 4th card and 8th card of the opposing team are flipped, and the dealer will look at the 4th and 8th card of their and their partner’s hand as well. These cards are only exposed to the dealer and partner of the dealer if they are sevens.

The game differs depending on if and how many 7s are revealed during this.

Card Rankings and Values The game has a different ranking for the trump and non-trump suits.

For trumps, the ranking is Queen of clubs (high), 7, Queen of spades, Queen of hearts, Queen of diamonds, Jack of Clubs, Jack of spades, Jack of hearts, Jack of diamonds, Ace, 10, King, 9, and 8 (low).

For all other suits, the ranking is Ace (high), 10, King, 9, 8, and 7 (low). 메이저토토

There are values attached to cards for some parts of the game. The aces have a value of 11 points. 10s have a value of 10 points. Kings have a value of 4 points. Queens have a value of 3 points. Jacks have a value of 2 points. All other cards have no value.

DETERMINING THE DECLARER There are two ways to determine who will declare the trump suit. If during the deal, there was at least one seven revealed they are used to determine trump and declarer. If there was only one 7 reveled than that player is declarer and the suit of the seven is trump. If there were multiple sevens revealed, then the last 7 dealt determines the declarer and trump suit.

If no 7s were reveled, then the player to the dealers left will say a number of one suit they hold in their hand to be a possible trump suit. They will not say the suit though. For example, in my hand, I have 5 hearts so I would declare 5. Then all other players will either pass or declare a higher number. If all pass the dealer moves to the left and cards are redealt. If one or more players also declare a number, the highest declaration becomes the declarer and first player. If it is later found that the player holds less than they declared if the trump suit, their team loses the round.

GAMEPLAY The game is played based on how many if any 7s were revealed but tricks are played the same no matter what. Tricks are played with players following suit of the led card if able and if not, they may play a trump or any other card. Highest trump wins, but if no trumps then the highest of the suit led. The winner of a trick leads the next trick.

If at least one 7 was revealed than the declarer of trump starts the round by leading the first trick. Before this, though either the declarer or their partner may knock on the table, this means their team will try to win all 8 tricks to double the number of penalties for the loser. The other team then also

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