OBJECTIVE OF GOBBLET GOBBLERS: The objective of Gobblet Gobblers is to be the first player to match 3 of your characters in a row. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 Players MATERIALS: A rulebook, a game board (separated into 4 connectable pieces), 2 sets of 6 colored characters. 안전놀이터 AUDIENCE: Kids, Teens, and Adults OVERVIEW OF GOBBLET GOBBLERS Gobblet Gobblers is a strategy board game for 2 players. The goal of the game is to match three of your colored pieces before your opponent does.

SETUP Set up the game board by connecting the 4 pieces to make a 3 x 3 grid. Each player should choose a color and collect their 6 matching pieces. Each set of characters is stackable and ranges in size. Players can set them up biggest to smallest to better see what they have available to play.

GAMEPLAY The first player is determined randomly. The starting player may place any piece of any size from their characters to any spot on the board.

From here players will take turns placing their characters onto the board. Bigger characters can always “gobble” smaller characters meaning you can place larger characters over yours or your opponent’s smaller ones. This takes over the spot for you.

Player’s may also move their pieces around the board if they wish, but if you move and piece and uncover your opponent’s piece, they now control that spot.

Also, once a piece is touched by a player it must be moved. Characters played to the board can never be removed.

END OF GAME The game ends when a player manages to get 3 of their colored pieces in a row. The player to first complete this goal is the winner.

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